Hillary Clinton Would Have Made An Awful President – A Bipartisan Review 

Hillary Clinton was a terrible terrible candidate for everyone, left, right or center.

Why? ONE great reason: Benghazi.

I never really understood Benghazi. To me it seemed like just another line in the long ‘herstory’ of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt & evil doo-ings. But if we want to be pragmatic (which we sometimes should), then I shouldn’t allow myself to be charged up by the colourful and dramatic fanfare associated with the Clintons, because much of it likely isn’t true. Rather I should answer the question: If she were anybody else would she have been fired?

Benghazi is the obvious place to start because it has nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation, nothing to do with the DNC, CNN, Donald Trump, or Pizza. It only deals specifically with Mrs. Clinton in her full time job as Secretary of State. People died in Benghazi, four to be exact, and ten more people were injured, making it definitely  worth investigating.

To be honest I didn’t know what the Secretary of State did, so I looked into it; the ‘S.O.S.’ is the President’s chief foreign affairs adviser. So while we can’t blame Mrs. Clinton for terrorism in America, or the ever crumbling infrastructure of American Airports & inner cities, we can most certainly expect that the Secretary of State will do his/her job in maintaining peaceful & secure foreign policy, and protect American officials overseas.

Purposefully or not, Hillary Clinton’s lack of action on behalf of the State Department resulted in the deaths & injuries of fourteen Americans. No US Ambassador had been killed on foreign soil in over thirty years, and yet in a single twenty four hours fourteen Americans were successfully hit by Libyan hostiles. Moreover it has been confirmed that several requests for help had been sent to Mrs. Clintons office over a span of several months, proving that the victims were aware of a president danger, and asked for help.

Because of this huge fuck up, I believe Hillary Clinton, if she were anybody else, would have been fired from her job.

On this merit alone Mrs. Clinton should have been excused from the race to the Whitehouse – “but I digress”.

What was Mrs. Clinton doing instead of responding to the several emails requesting military back up? Was she selling watered down aids medication to Haitians? Was she in some dark alley paying Donna Brazile with a briefcase of unmarked bills? Maybe, but probably not. The truth is, as much as I believe she and Bill are corrupt (in that they privately profit from handing out government favours) I can’t personally prove it. What I do know, and probably everyone knows by now, is that Hillary Clinton wasn’t doing her job when she let those Americans die. She performed the most crucial part of her job poorly. In retrospect she was not a good choice for that role, and if current President Barack Obama was honest he wouldn’t have endorsed, or campaigned for her.

Keep it ‘Bipartisan’!

If you hate Trump, you can, and should, reach out to local officials and get involved in government. I’ve personally cast ballots for leadership races within parties, and am shocked at how easy it is for even the smallest minority to manifest real action within big politics.


Cartoon by Ben Garrison grrrgraphics.com

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