Person of the Year

As with the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, people are divided over Time Magazine’s choice of Person of the Year.

Regardless of how you personally feel about President-Elect Trump, it’s hard to deny that he’s been an incredibly influential figure this year – for better or for worse – As goes the saying.

Some people are choosing to equate this cover story with the 1938 cover of Time featuring Adolf Hitler as the person of the year, highlighting all the relevant similarities: They are both natural born males, they were proud of their homelands, and they’re both seated in their pictures.

First let’s get past the obvious back and forths we’ve all experienced on this topic:

You: Trump is literally Hitler

Me: Trump isn’t at all Hitler, he hasn’t killed anyone.

You: Hitler didn’t kill anyone on his rise to power.

Me: D’oh!

This is true. Adolf Hitler did not kill anyone on his rise to power. He did however, long before gracing the cover of Time in 1938, perpetrate disturbing civil rights violations against the Jewish-German people.

By introducing the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, Hitler & his goons implemented an antisemitic form of eugenics that aimed at controlling the gene pool by preventing Jewish Germans from marrying and mating with non-Jewish Germans through punishment of law. Without concern for the individuals he was persecuting, Hitler took a large, and very transparent, step towards the heinous genocide that followed.

Still 6 years away from the beginning of the genocide known as the Holocaust,  and three years away from his Time cover, Hitler had already introduced the racist legislature of the Nuremberg Laws, aiming to breed out the Jewish gene from the German people.

We now know that Hitler’s genocide targeted more than just the Jewish population of Germany, and included Polish people of all ethnicity, Soviet Prisoners of War, Romanis, Homosexuals, the disabled, and members of rival political groups.

We know that members of these groups  were recipients of some of the most brutal crimes against humanity recorded in recent history. We know that the disabled, mentally challenged, and children were subject to grotesque medical experiments before joining their families in the gas chambers. We know all of this, and yet still manage to find a way to compare Adolf Hitler with Donald Trump on the grounds that “Donald Trump is a racist”.

The most common citation of Donald Trump’s ‘racism’ is that he wants to crack down on illegal immigrants, claiming that some people who migrate from Mexico to America illegally are rapists. While I’m sure that is true, I do understand why people take offense to this quote because it does come off as anti-Mexican. To anyone offended by this, I propose that you could say the same thing of any immigrant, legal or non-legal, or heck even any HUMAN BEING – some HUMAN BEINGS are rapists. Since America already has enough rapists I can agree that if we’re choosing new people to join a country, it’s perfectly logical to chose the people who aren’t rapists. Being a legal immigrant, or a citizen allows the law to punish you if you commit a crime, such as rape, hence why any reasonable world leader would prefer only legal immigrants enter the country.

Nobody want’s a racist President.

Okay maybe nine people do, but they don’t count . The rest of us don’t have to wait for another genocide before we speak out. As we learned from researching the history leading up to the mass murders of the Holocaust, we can see that there were warning signs. Hitler & the Nazi’s also had full control of Germany’s military when he came into power, breaking the international Treaty of Versailles in order to grow the German Armed Forces to the massive size that it needed to be in order to invade all the countries they did. By the end of the war the German Armed Forces, lead by the Nazi’s invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, the Baltics & and of course the Soviet Union.

So what would the “Hitlerizing” of Donald Trump look like?

In order for President-elect Trump to be anything like Hitler, Trump would have to do just one of the following:

1) Propose policies that systematically restrict the rights of certain citizens (Such as everyone that isn’t a heterosexual, able-bodied, Aryan-looking, Christian)

2) Break international treaty law in order to grow the United States Armed Forces to a massive scale, then begin invading other nations by force

3) Literally Dismantle the Democratic Party, turning The American Republic into an actual fascist regime with one party rule.

If we see that our new wild-card President is heading towards any of these paths we must protest, and revolt. Luckily for us the most controversial policy that Trump currently holds is a proposed examination of refugees from countries who export radical islamist terrorism.

Even if you still firmly believe that Donald Trump is a racist, which is subjective and really can be argued ad infinitum, there is still no way to compare his mildly controversial comments to the genocide and eugenics that took place under Hitler’s Nazi regime. We are still fortunate enough to live amongst survivors of the Holocaust, let’s not insult them by comparing an overly-tanned internet troll/business mogul, to one of the most despicable monsters in human history, or let’s at least see what he plans to do first.



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  1. Pooey says:

    As much as I agree with what you are saying, you are a dumb racist.

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  2. Jorge says:

    Hey Katherine. Cool comment. I think stations of the things you talk about could help specially for people just knowing what’s going on. Either they agree or not :). Also videos about this are quite popular.

    Liked by 1 person

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